Rach’s Top 10: March

Rach’s Top 10: March

What a March I’ve had. So many hours on trains and in cars travelling all over the country for filming my company’s ports… but it wasn’t all bad! These hours on trains and in cars allowed me some time to listen and think about tracks!

There was also a challenge for me in this, because the brief for music for my company’s new Corporate Film was Classical NOT cinematic. Usually the two go hand in hand, at least that’s what I always enjoy about a film soundtrack, but it’s been quite refreshing actually.

So what’s the theme for this month? Well… as with everything that seems to happen with my musical brain, they’re all rather random. With the release of Bridgerton‘s season 2 we, of course, had to revisit season 1, and there are a couple of tracks left over from the Planets programme we were watching with Grandma over Christmas. It seems my love for Michael Giacchino is growing as well, as he has featured in many of my favourite films recently (to be explored with The Batman in a subsequent playlist, I promise) and although he’ll never quite top Mr Zimmer, he’s moving up the ranks!

As before, the same 2 playlists are running, both of which can be found on Spotify. You can always find the previous Top 10s in the same place on the RACHEL’s TOP 10s (previous weeks) and then you can find the current ones on RACHEL’s TOP 10s.

So, let’s get on with March shall we?


10. A Grand Finish – Kris Bowers

The scene from the end of the season. After a few episodes of angsty stares and tears, Daphne and Simon finally reconcile, putting their differences aside and embrace the love they have for each other. Hosting the final ball of the season, the scene ends delightfully with them staring at each other in the rain, reuniting with a passionate kiss that will make anyone swoon. It’s my favourite piano and strings again, the pair that work so well together, and as the track builds, I feel like its the perfect end to both the season as in the series, and the season in terms of the story. A Grand Finish indeed.

9. Married Life – Michael Giacchino

The saddest ten minutes you will ever see in a Pixar film if you ask me, but it’s also one of my favourite scenes in terms of the music. You can hear the joy and excitement Ellie and Carl have as newlyweds, still holding on to their dreams of travelling whilst planning and living their lives. If ever a track holds a formidable amount of emotion, it’s this one. We all know what happens, and as the track slows and builds, you get the sense of life having its ups and downs. The tune is cheeky and full of spirit, and despite what happens, the sadness behind it, you get that sense of true happiness between the two of them, living full and magical lives. Now… where are the tissues!

8. Arachnoverture – Michael Giacchino

The credit sequences are always my favourite in the Tom Holland Spider-Man films. You get all the themes at once, and it’s been the same throughout the 3 Tom Holland Spider-Man films. You can hear those subtle differences between the 3 of them, but the basis is the same. The end credit scenes are always good as favourites, because they’re bound to include everything from the main film in one long track. I always start off with having all of the tracks from the album in my playlists, but I can guarantee you that only the end title tracks will be left by the time I’ve moved on to my next obsession. Spider-Man: No Way Home was my favourite film of 2021, although a close one with Dune, and I’m not surprised it blew the box office away. It delivered on every single scale, and is probably up there as being one of the best Marvel films to date.

7. Toronto Raccoons – Jacob Shea, Jasha Klea

This month, Josie and I took the mother to see Planet Earth II in concert, and I can tell you that it was probably one of my favourite concert experiences. You had the live orchestra performing in front of the backdrop of the stunning footage captured for Planet Earth II, and some of it packed a massive emotional punch, bringing tears to my eyes. This one, although not played at the concert, is one of my favourites. You can hear the cheekiness of the city raccoons in the tune, and I love playing along to it with my fingers, pretending I’m a part of the orchestra. If you get the chance, watch the programmes on iPlayer. They’re absolutely incredible, both seasons, and if the Chinstrap Penguins music doesn’t make you cry, then you are made entirely of stone!!

6. Prologue – Anze Rozman, Andrew Christie

This was the programme we were watching over our Christmas break with Grandma, who is a MASSIVE fan of Brian Cox. The music supports some absolutely INCREDIBLE special effects, mimicking landscapes on planets we could all only dream of visiting. I never would have thought myself a fan of space, as I was so rubbish at Physics and science at school, but maybe if we had Brian Cox teaching us, I’d be okay. Also, maybe if we learned about the Solar System as opposed to covalent bonds in certain elements, I would have enjoyed it more – no offence any science teachers that may be reading this! He’s like the rock god of science to be honest… Anyway…

5. You Will Be Found – Ben Platt & cast of Dear Evan Hansen

I saw the trailer for this film, and wanted to see it from the music within the trailer alone. Speaking to people about how much I wanted to see it, quite a lot of people asked if I had seen the stage show, to which I answered that I hadn’t. When everyone was telling me to see the stage show first, because the film would never do it justice, I believed them, and boy am I glad I waited. The stage show was incredible, with this song standing out more than any other, and definitely an experience I’m glad I waited for. Now, you ask, have I seen Dear Evan Hansen yet? The answer is no… because I don’t think I can see it now, not after seeing the stage show. I might get to it eventually, maybe, but if all I have of it is this song, then I’m happy. The other thing that sold me on the film, as well as the song, is the fact that Ben Platt, who plays Evan Hansen in the film, was the original Evan on Broadway when it first premiered, which was exciting in itself. This is one of those songs I had on repeat for a while.

4. Circle in the Sand – Belinda Carlisle

Another one of the songs that Dad used to have on a cassette tape in our M842 UMC Saab (ah, memories) that was copied onto a CD for Saabs to come, and now it comes back to me… via Spotify. I literally haven’t listened to this song for years, and it popped up in an advert somewhere and I felt like I was being transported to car rides to Grandmas with that CD on repeat, and that was no bad thing. I learnt a lot about ABBA, The Beatles, Bad Company, Lou Reed and Mike Oldfield from that CD, with Happy New Year, Penny Lane, Seagull, Perfect Day and Tubular Bells being some of my favourite songs of all time… each a memory from that CD with this song.

3. Knights of the Roundtable – Matthew Margeson, Dominic Lewis

Despite the truly RIDICULOUS scene in this film where SOMETHING HAPPENS (I don’t want to say what because it’s a huge spoiler – people who have seen it will know which scene I mean) I really enjoyed this film, which was quite surprising. One of the things I truly love about these films though, is the music, and thankfully Matthew Margeson returns for this film. Given it’s set almost 100 years before the first Kingsman film, I was worried, everything you love about the Kingsman films gets explained in this one… which is amazing, including the final scene, where each of the first generation of agents gets their new callsigns. Although highly unlikely, part of me really wants a sequel to this one… just as long as we can keep the composers please!

2. Call to Adventure – Jonas B. Ingebretsen

I get so many of these types of musical delights on my Daily Mix these days that I feel like my Classical Tracks ONLY playlist, which I use when I when I go to sleep, is soon going to be longer than my Randoms playlist… which is now creeping up to nearly 2,000 songs (mostly Hans Zimmer LOL). When I listen to this, I always pretend I’m playing the piano, but what I love about it is that I can hear all kinds of instruments. Piano, strings, an oboe, timpani, an epic choir, strings, brass horn… There’s no other way to describe how much I like it other than saying it reminds me of my orchestra days. There are so many times where I hear an oboe playing and it makes me want to pick mine up and start playing it again… although I will probably need lessons again. Drastically.

1. Written in the Stars – Tinie Tempah, Eric Turner

This is just a throwback to when I was 18. Whatever happened to Tinie Tempah? He performed at our Freshers, although Freshers in second year, and I was blessed enough to get a high five from him in the crowd, which I feel like was the pinnacle of my concert lifestyle, before my life turned to soundtrack-worshipping anyway. I can tell you that he is amazing live, and would quite happily see him again to be projected back lightyears to my university days, which seem oh so far away now that my 30th year is already zooming by…


How the hell are we in April already guys? 2022 is flying by, bringing with it so far some of the most wonderful things, except not Storm Eunice, that wasn’t fun. It’s brought us some more incredible weather, in the form of near 20 degree sunshine, followed by one of the coldest weeks in existence, bringing us snow and sleet. It’s unfortunately brought us some not so nice stuff – what is happening in Ukraine, which is absolute devastating, as well as skyrocketing prices of fuel and the cost of living… as well as the re-emergence of multiple cases of either terrible colds (which I am currently experiencing) and new waves of Covid.

But what has March brought us music-wise… in the soundtrack world, obviously. Stuff I might have missed and will definitely revisit in further musical playlists… The Batman (to be explored, for definite), a delightful second season of Bridgerton, which centres around the delectable Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey is a beautiful man), a new series of Dynasties, as well as much, much more. We of course had The Oscars, where we had excitement in the form of Dune winning big, Hans Zimmer winning rightfully for his amazing work on Dune, CODA winning best film, and Kenneth Branagh winning for his amazing work in the writing of Belfast.

As I spent quite a lot of March on the road, I haven’t actually seen that much at the cinema, other than The Batman five times, (yes I said five times) so I’m hoping the next month of cinema will bring my more soundtracks to enjoy. Until then, though, I’ll leave you with these 10 incredible tracks, all of which can be found on my Spotify playlist here.

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